Drong! cling! The bells in the castle sounded. Kal woke suddenly. It was midnight, no time for a fourteen year old boy to be awake. Quietly he slipped out of bed.

When Kal arrived in the hallway he saw a nightmare. A sqaudron of guards were fighting a huge beast. Quickly he ran to his father's room and opened the cupboard. He was not allowed to touch the golden armour, the shield or the sword. Kal shrugged, if his father was gone, he may as well help.

The beast's scales were black and it looked rather like a big lizard. The beast lunged at Kal as he came. Kal held up his father's shield. Bam! the beast collided with the shield head on. Kal was flung into a wall, dropping his sword. The beast roared and ran at Kal. Kal was helpless; he couldn't kill the beast unless....
Kal threw the shield into the mouth of the beast. It choked and rolled over dead.

Kal was a boy with short brown hair. His greatest ambition was to become a knight after his father, Sir Cattergorian.

After the battle, the king knighted Kal. Kal's ambition changed automatically. He had only killed the beast because he had no choice. he realised deep down he hated war. However the kings word was law and thus Kal was knighted.

Years later Kal became a hermit who begged young knights who past by to quit working for the king and become farmers instead. All because he hated war.


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