Faded Girl

She grew up in the city; saw all the pretty lights,
People who had everything, but never truly found life.

It could have been the way her daddy never looked her in the eye,
Never someone’s little princess, never given the chance to fly.

And when she throws her hair back and strikes an empty pose,
A smile of feigned seduction hides the girl we’ll never know.

She’s just a faded girl who got caught up in the world.

She wanders empty streets at night; she doesn’t feel the cold,
Her bright blue eyes unblinking are a window to her soul.

A quest to quench her thirst to feel, but she can’t even cry.
Sniffing some white powder is her only chance to fly.

And when she runs the blade along the vein and the pool of scarlet grows,
She shows the world just one more time how to softly kill a rose.

She’s beautiful, but now she’s just a forgotten whisper that got caught up in the world.


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