Nan Strikes Again 1 And 2!


“Ben!” yelled Mum “Nan’s here!” Oh no, what am I going to do? Nan’s probably bought her knitting needles… AAAHHHHHHHH!!!
She’s coming up the stairs. Quick I need to hide; I looked straight at the bed. Then suddenly Nan caught me trying to hide under it. “Ben I got you a present that you’ll love!” I wonder what it is, a bomb that’s about to explode, what? I open the present, Oh no it’s a jumper. “I knitted it just for you.” AAAAHHHHHHH!!!, she knitted it with her EVIL knitting needles! HELP it’s trying to eat me, HELP, HELP!
“Ben wake up, you were just having another night mare. And guess what? Nan’s here!”

By Danielle Bell

Nan Strikes Again 2!
“Ben!” yells Dad, “Nan’s here.”
“Ah… Which one?” I say with a struggle.
“Nanny Joy.”
Yes! Nanny Joy, she is so cool. Well... only because she always brings me a present. I run downstairs to see a package with my name written on it. I see Nanny Joy getting up from her chair waiting for me to give her a wet slobbery kiss! I run up to her, giving her a huge hug. In my mind all I am thinking about is NANNY GERMS! Nanny Joy gives me the present.
“Ben! How rude, open the card,” growled Nanny Joy.
“But! Oh okay.”
I open the card. COOL! 50 BUCKS! I tear the present. NOOOOOO!!!!
It’s a pair of socks! “I knitted it especially for you, I even borrowed your other Nan’s knitting needles.”
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Not Nan’s EVIL knitting needles. NOOOO!! I’m going to die!

By Danielle Bell!