Lalabya and his big sister were waiting…….

Waiting for there mother to pack. They were going to North America to visit their pen pal Hale.
“Mum, Mum are you ready yet?”
Lalabya was ready to go.
“Yes, I’m ready Lalabya.”
On there way to the airport on the radio it said that their was a plane crash in Australia on the coast.
“What if that happens to us!” said Lalabya.
“What if our plane crashes?”
Mum was surprised.
“Why would you even say that?”
Lalabya did not answer.
When they got to the airport they were just in time to get on the aeroplane. When they got on Lalabya was still silent.

Their was one hour to on there flight when Tyshana [Lalabyas big sister] could feel wind on her arm. Suddenly her window broke and the plane started to go down. Everybody put on their seat belt on quick. The pilot had lost control. Then at a blink of an eye the plane landed straight into the ground. Every body screamed.
Mum kept saying
“Tyshana, Tyshana….. Wake up.” Mum had a tear running down her cheek.
“Come on Tyshana.”
She wasn’t breathing.
Lalabya said
“Whats wrong?” Mum was silent for a few seconds.
“Tyshanas dead.” Once they all got out of the plane they dug a hole for Tyshanas body. Mum couldn’t believe that Lalabya was crying.
After they buried her Lalabya found a fire and teepees. They saw two people.
They were tall, wore grotty clothes and had green eyes. The two people live by a lake and had fish cooking on a fire.
Lalabya knew that that they could help them.
Mum went up to them and said
“Can you help us? We don’t know where we are and you look like you live here.”
They did not respond.
“Please help us.” They started to talk.
“Yes we can help.” They answered.
“You are in North America at a lake called Lake Lemonendeci! Our names are Lasoi and this is my son Tallon.”
“Hello!” said Lalabya.
“Do you mind if Mum and I stay here until we get rescued, we were in a terrible plane crash and…….” Lalabya stoped. “What’s a plane?” Lasoi asked. “It’s an engine powered flying machine.” “That’s fascinating.” said Tallon.
“I think I’ve seen one of those fly over here before.”
“So can we stay?” said Mum.
Lasoi showed Mum and Lalabya how to build a tee pee and how to make a fire. That night Lalabya was scared, I did not know if we would get rescued. The next Morning Lalabya and Tallon went fishing with a stick.
“How are you meant to go fishing with a stick?” said Lalabya. “You just um.... find a fish and quickly stab it. “That sounds easy.” But it wasn’t.
It took three hours for Lalabya to stab his first fish but it took Tallon only a few minutes.
All together they stabbed seven fish for breakfast.
After breakfast Lasoi went and got some wood for the fire. When Lasoi got home she asked if anyone would help with the fire.
“Of course I will.” said Lalabya. It was pretty tough but Lalabya did light the fire. Finally they had a warm spot to sit.

Once they had dinner they all read a book out of the plane, even Lasoi and Tallon were reading because Lalabya and mum helped them.
Anyway Lasoi knew how to read a little bit.
The next day saw Fredric {The pilot} was fixing the plane radio. The radio was eventually fixed. Fredric quickly contacted the North American Airport and they sent a helicopter over to help them quickly.
Once the helicopter reached where they were Lalabya said “Goodbye.” Lasoi and Tallon. Mum and Fredric climbed up the ladder to the helicopter Lasoi said quickly “Wait for us!” said Lasoi.
“We would like to come with you.”
Mum and Lalabya said
“Yes!” Lalabya climbed up the ladder with Lasoi and Tallon.

All their lives changed after that experience. Lasoi and Tallon lived in Africa with Mum and Lalabya and Tallon made a new friend. Lalabya learnt a lot from what had happened and they used what they learnt in the future.

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