Sally And The Snowman

Sally and the Snowman

Sally was a penguin. She had a little brother who liked to play with her every day. Sally didn’t mind but, she wasn’t happy. It was winter and she hated being cooped up in a tiny house all the time. One day in the middle of winter Sally’s little brother ran up to her and yelled in excitement, “Mum says we can go outside.”
“OK” she yelled back at him.
“Thanks Mum” Sally said to her mum as she went past on her way out the door.
“Let’s go” said her little brother grabbing her hand.

“I want to build a snowman” whined her little brother.
“OK’ replied Sally happily now she was outside. They rolled up the first ball, it was enormous! The second was almost as big. The third was the size of a man’s head.
“Let’s find some sticks,” said her brother whose name was Adam. They put the sticks either side of the middle ball. They gave him a frozen fish nose, a wooden mouth, and then they gave him broken twig eyes.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the snowman and he fell to pieces. He went everywhere. Then, slowly the balls all rolled up on top of each other. Sally and Adam watched in fright. Next, the sticks flew up and settled themselves back in position. Finally, the fish, twigs, and bark jumped back on the snowman.

The snowman was ALIVE!

Sally and Adam screamed, “AAAAAHHHHHH.”
The snowman ran at them. Sally ran away but Adam was petrified. The snowman picked up Adam and he screamed even louder than before. The snowman dropped him. Then, he saw Sally and ran at her. She screamed out, “Mum a monster!”
The snowman kept running at her. Sally dodged him and said, “Where are your manners?”
The snowman monster stopped and for the first time talked and said in a deep booming voice, “Gone.”
“Well learn some,” said Sally in a stern voice angry at being scared.
“Huh?” said the snowman not understanding what she had said, or maybe not hearing as he had no ears.
With a bit more confidence she yelled at the snowman, “Learn some then!”

Then, a strange thing happened. The snowman began to melt. He melted until he was a gooey mess.
“Do you think he’s dead?” Adam asked.
“Yes,” Sally replied.
“Good,” he said. “I’m going to go and have a glass of water after all that screaming.”
Sally looked away just as her mother came out.
“Where’s the monster?” she asked.
Sally pointed to the gooey puddle and said “Dead.”

Suddenly, they heard a “beep, beep, beep” sound.
“What’s that?” asked Sally.
A boy penguin then rounded the corner.
“Has anybody seen my scary grow and melt snowman?” he asked.
“Uh Oh,” said Sally and put her hands over her face.


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