A Big Camping Trip

One day there were three girls called Sophie, Lilly and Kate. They were all in grade 5.They were going on a 4 day camping trip leaving tomorrow BUT…….. They hadn’t brought their permission slip back. When the three girls got home they asked their mums to sign the piece of paper. Their bags were ready to go at 7:30am. They caught the early bus to school so that they could hand their note to the teacher. BUT their teacher wasn’t there yet. So they left it on the teacher’s desk Everybody was at school now and the teacher got their note’s. ”LOOK” Lilly cried “The bus is here.” The grade 5’s and 6’s all screamed and yelled. Everyone ran to the bus and tried to get in first. On the way there everyone was singing. When they got there they all set up their tent and went in the canoe. Sophie, Lilly and Kate are all in the same tent as well as Amelia, Milly and Alex. Kate, Amelia and Alex are in the same canoe. On the log at dinner they sat around eating salad and meat. In the morning when the girls all woke up everyone else was still asleep. They had all had a terrible sleep last night. The girls made themselves a piece of toast with bacon and eggs. Lilly was going to get changed when she got her phone and had a look at the time. It was only 4:35 in the morning!!!!!!!!. She went out to the girls and told them what time it was. All the girls felt so tired that they went back to bed and slept in till 12:00. When the girls woke up again they had to get dressed and have lunch. After lunch the girls and boys got to go for a swim at the creek. After the swim everyone was going on the forest walk. At afternoon tea they all got to draw pictures of the creek or the forest. Then when it was dinner time everyone got into their pj’s and went straight to bed without dinner. When the group of girls and boys woke up they realised that they were all wet. The girls said to the boys that they must have poured the water on them. But the boys said that the girls did it. So the boys and the girls went out altogether and searched to see who was out there. When it was 8:45pm everyone got back to camp and went to bed and fell asleep. The next day the girls and boys all got up at 6:00am and tried to find out who poured water on them. So they went back out into the forest and tried to find who poured water on them the last two nights. But they got tired and went back to the camp site. When they got back, they saw the teachers laughing too much. The teachers said “We wanted you to work together.”


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