2nd in the 'Calling All Poets 2007' competition

Slumped in my armchair, a burden to my family,
I gaze at my once beautiful, strong fingers,
Riddled with arthritis, scarred beyond recognition.
Hands that once played, once were innocent, carefree.
Fingers bitten, sore from the cane for talking in class,
Work as a teacher, Oh the strain they suffered.
My left hand, an engagement ring bore, wedding one too.
Hands that raised a family, loving, caring.
Comfort to a son, a daughter, their lives so precious,
Fingers that nurtured, that loved, that held with joy.
Gently, lovingly, then sadly, they nursed a husband.
Hands that prayed, hands that grieved, hands that grew stronger.
Weary fingers now still, for there is so little to do.
Like old calendars, out of date, no use anymore.
I sit; time to spare, to ponder memories.
Hands, worn and aged, a lifetime of stories they tell.



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