Daisy's School Day

“Got science with the jiggle monster?” “I’m afraid so.”
I awoke and realised that it was a school day today. Hi my name is Daisy, I’m a Great Dane. I live across from a High School and I watch the kids come and go, I long to be with them. My life is very boring, my owner is always working, so I never really see her plus I’ve always wanted to go to school and see this ‘jiggle monster’ that all the children talk about.
Suddenly I heard the bell, so today I jumped the fence, moments later I crept cautiously into the school. It was quite a nice place to be; as I was looking around I tipped over rubbish bins and then ate some yummy garbage. I then walked over to a classroom and jumped on top of the lockers and peered inside, is this the jiggle monster? Surely this can’t be, nothing’s jiggling!
“Buenos Dias, Senors, Senoritas,” it said. I was so scared at this monster I ran off and hid under a table, what ever language it was speaking it wasn’t dog!
I waited for what seemed forever and then another bell went, all of the kids poured out of the classrooms and onto tables to eat lunch, some girls came and sat at the table that I was under.
“Mrs Jackson’s Spanish classes totally rock,” said the 1st.
“I hate Spanish, it’s so boring,” moaned the 2nd. “Did you hear that some of the year 8 girls shave their legs,” said the 3rd. “I don’t even shave my legs and I’m in yr 9!” exclaimed the 1st.
“Brace yourselves, here come the bullies,” mumbled the 2nd.
She was right, coming our way was two boys; they looked like they were in Yr 11.
“Get from our table, retards,” said one boy. “No,” said the 1st. “Move it or lose it,” said the other boy, massaging his knuckles.
I couldn’t believe this; these girls were getting picked on I must act. I jumped out from under the table and growled, the boys ran off screaming. The girls stared at me for about 30 seconds, “A dog,” said the 2nd.“Nice work dog,” said the 3rd, tossing me half a bacon sandwich, (It was nice!)
Suddenly a message came over the speaker: “All students report to the classrooms immediately, I have been informed that a stray dog is wandering the grounds.” A stray WHAT!?
The children were panicking and rushing into the nearest classrooms, I however benefited from the large amounts of food left in their panic.
Moments later, a woman comes out with a rope and starts running after me, OH MY GOD, SHE’S JIGGLING! So I ran, she jiggled after me flinging the rope in every direction, but she clumsily tangled her legs, and tripped over.
I watched, laughing, but then the monster continued her chase. I leapt into the air, clearing the school fence. It was my first and last school day.