I bet there’s a lot you don’t know about fairytales and I can show you how.
We’ve got a lot to get through so listen carefully now.
I think we’ll start with Cinderella; yes she’s a good starting point.
With her long blonde hair and at the ball she totally rocked the joint.
Then there’s Little Red Riding Hood, oh what a scene.
She is always wearing that little red hood which obviously isn’t blue or green.
Then come all the other young maidens, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Belle.
They always have some sort of adventure like the chick off Enchanted, Giselle.
But there is always a bad guy, like a wolf or evil queen.
They’re usually quite ugly and not very nice, in fact there really quite mean.
Now you know more about fairytales and I’m glad that you’re fully aware,
I hope that you can tell all your friends and your foes that stories such as these are to share.


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