Taken Apart

Hello, my name is Niginiwigna. I am an aboriginal, l have a brother called Wollytagani. My mother and father are called Dinni and Wyna.
I live in a beautiful happy place with helpful and kind people, l live at Woguana.

One morning, l was having a great time with my family, laughing and telling jokes. After that my father was telling stories about our generation which was very interesting. When we were all having breakfast, my brother and l went to our room and suddenly two police men smashed our windows and took us away. Our mother and father came chasing after us, my dad was a fast runner but he couldn’t catch us. My brother and l were yelling and screaming in the back of the police car wishing our parents could save us. That night the police car stopped then pulled me out of the car and put me with a white family they looked like aliens. I was terrified. They took me inside the house my brother was still in the car and the police drove away.

My new family seems ok but after a while they are making me work hard from 5:00am till my hands are burnt and red. They now call me Amy, it takes a while for me to get used to it. I wonder why anyone would treat children like this. Finally, l got to have dinner all l got was the scraps and bones but it was better than nothing. Now l am going to bed. I have a hard wooden bed with no mattress only a sleeping bag and one hard pillow.
Two Years Later…

One night my new family took me to a festival. I met a boy, l asked for his name he said it is now Danni but used to be Wollytagani and had a sister called Niginiwigna. I said that used to be my name l am so surprised to see my brother again we hug each other. He told me that our mother is very sick.

That night my brother and l escaped. We were travelling on a very hot desert until we came upon a place and found our house. We went and hugged our parents and we are very happy to see them. After a while my mother is better again. Back at the festival our old family just found out that we were missing and rang the police. The police searched and searched and came to our house my brother and l hid under our bed. The police couldn’t find us.

My family lived happily and peacefully for the rest of or lives…


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