A Cat A Bug And A Long Lasting Friendship

Cat was asleep dreaming of mice when a yowl awoke him from his slumber. Lazily cat opened his eyes and came face to face with tiger a rival Cat. Tiger was scary when he was angry and he was angry. The angry cat attached and chased cat up a tree. Unfortunately cat soon reached the top and with no where to go leaped out of the tree. “Yes” Cat thought “I did it” CRACK! Suddenly the earth fell from beneath him and Cat plummeted into darkness.

Cat awoke with a start. He tried to get up but a sharp pain raced through Cats left paw. “Ouch” cried cat. He started to yowl and panic “Know one is ever going to find me” thought Cat “Don’t panic” said a voice. “What who said that” said cat “me down here” said the voice. By now cats’ eyes had adjusted to the dark but all cat could see was a bug in the corner. “Hello anybody here?” said Cat. “Me” said the bug. “Please help me I am trapped in here. I got attached by Tiger a cat and fell down here” “Don’t worry I will help you stay here” said the bug. And off he flew “Nooo” wailed Cat. “Don’t leave me”
Cat slept mostly for the next 3 days waking only to groom himself. On the 4th day cat awoke to hear a noise above him. A minute later a dogs head appeared then a human Cats owner. Cat’s owner climbed down and took cat home.
A couple of weeks later Cat was out side resting his paw when he heard a buzzing sound “bug” cried “thank you so much you saved my life” said Cat “From now on you can you can live with me”.