War Isn't A Good Thing!!!

War isn’t a word of fun and games,
It’s a word of slaughter and fist of rage,
Do you recall the deaths that day?
The day we went to war.
We went to war one day of hell,
It’s like the devils had cast a spell,
The next week we walked through water,
Rain and storms with guns that slaughter.
Through out the month we rode our horses,
Through the sun and heat,
The boom of the bomb and the rev of the guns,
We all felt the pain at our feet.
Think about your choices right now,
Should you go to war?
When you come back you’ll wish,
You were dead if you survived at all.
The moaning of the wounded and,
The clatter of the guns,
The jungle isn’t a peaceful place,
For all the mothers miss their sons.
The women and children are sitting inside,
Too scared to open the door,
Because it’s a bad life and a torn up street,
Because of bloody war.
War isn’t a word of fun and games,
So appreciate the peace you have today.