Need For Speed Most Wanted

It was time for me to challenge the blacklist rival number 15. His name was Razor. He drives a Mustang. I drive a BMW GT. It was a pink slip race, where the loser has to give his car to the winner. The race had begun. About one-fifth into the race we spotted cops. The cops came chasing after Razor and I. Three-fifths into the race, there was a road block. I smashed through it and one of the cop cars hoods came off. Near the finish, I found out that there was an oil leak. Eventually, I lost the race and I gave my car to Razor.
Just then, cops came. Razor ran away, but I was arrested.” Where’s your fancy ride?” asked one of the cops, as they put me in handcuffs. When I got to the police station, Mia(she’s the girl that helps me) took me to a car lot. I bought a Chevrolet Cobalt SS. I then drove to a safe house.
When I got there, Mia showed me the black list, a list that has 15 racers that you have to beat to race the leader. My first opponent was Sonny. His ride was a Volkswagen Golf. I won in both races. I was now 15th on the black list. Next was Taz. He drives a Lexus IS300. I won. One by one I kept on beating rivals. Next was Razor. I drove a Lamborghini Gallardo, a car that I got from Ronnie, blacklist number 3. He was riding my BMW GT. The race had begun. It was a tough race. Cops had arrived and it was hard to evade them. Razor was hard to beat, but finally I bet him. I got my car back and I was the toughest racer.