Fact Or Fiction, Dream Or Reality

Suddenly we saw it. A red flaming ball of fire. Spinning wildly across the Milky Way. Tossing and turning, some how we managed to escape. Without having a second glimpse of death as this bizarre object came flying towards us. We don’t have any idea of what it is, but soon enough, it became our new mission.

Completing this mission successfully was going to be hard as we knew nothing about this eerie space object. We even looked it up on our flash whatitkas but had no success. To tell the truth, we have nothing to go on from apart from our strange encounter. This wasn’t even caught on tape. So…….as Earthlings say we are lost for ideas.

So instead of finding out who they were and what they were doing within the Earth’s Solar System, we pretended to be like them. In the hope of finding out some information that may help us solve this puzzling mystery.

Finally they see us. Bobbling around, acting like two year olds, and trying to fit in. The master alien, Juliano, comes closer and creepily put his hand out. We didn’t know what to do. Do we shake it or spit on it, what do we do. We look around. All of the aliens were grinning, but you can’t tell whether it is a happy grin or a suspicious look, telling you to run or be prepared to die. But just as I had that thought Langa strongly out stretches his hand and firmly shakes Juliano’s hand wildly. I gulp in despair. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen next?

And then it did. Whoosh! Suddenly all of the strange objects came rushing towards us yelling and screaming out “mulano soprano longa timor yo sheepo”. We have no idea what this means but we thought we should record it so we could start learning their language.

They take us aboard on their ship and we try not to look suspicious or worried. We hope they think we are some long lost family or something, because if our cover blows, we’ll probably end up mutated or worse. I can’t bear the thought. I hope this plan all goes well.

They gave us a long and boring tour of the space ship and tried to explain how everything worked. But of course it doesn’t make sense as none of us could understand their lingo yet. In time we will, but not right now, it’s too complicated.

They show us our rooms, which is where we will be sleeping for the next couple of weeks or so. However long it takes till we can solve this mystery I guess. They aren’t anything flash, rather boring really. They have three beds, one for me, Langa and Fissa. They are bunk beds, with a colourful doona on top and a few throw pillows. The room is white in colour and has a strange, irregular object in it, we don’t know what it is or how it works but we switch it on anyway. And funnily enough it is what we Earthlings call a television. But the only difference was all of the channels were from different perspectives of earth. So we could watch what they were doing and for the other people on this ship it’s probably like that so they can plan attacks on Earth. The thought of being watched was creepy.

The next morning, we all wake up as the sound of a loud and frightful crash that echoes throughout the hall way. I believe we have landed upon earth, to carry out some sort of mission. I can’t even make out what territory or town we are in. It’s still dark, and there is very few stars out, which make me, wonder. Are we in a large city, about to let off a massive gas bomb? The thought is all that’s running through my head; I can’t make out any sense as to why though.

Sshh Langa. They are coming for us. My mates and I can hear the footprints of strangers slowly coming towards our bedroom. I wonder what we have to do. Is it our fault? Did we make them angry, and they are now going to ruin our homes. “No, stop that, “my conscious whispered. I’m going to shut up now; I am freaking myself out too much.


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