Na Nah Na Nah Na

The words were directed at me as I entered the school,
I knew I couldn't get to their standard of being cool.
I was a loser, a nerd, unwanted to them,
My school day had hardly even began.
In class, everyone sat with a buddy,
But I was only here to learn and to study.
At recess and lunch I watched the children play,
I sit here, all lonely like this every day.
I am teased for the clothes I wear,
I am bullied for the style of my hair.
I don't have any friends that like me for who I am,
All I ever want to do is to fit in with all of them.
The school day is finished; I have to go home,
I go to my bedroom and study alone.
I pack my bag for school the next day,
What can't I ever speak out, and have my say?

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