U.S.A Here I Come

It was the 28th of March. It was a hot day. The plane smelt like someone farted because the person next to me did, his name was Jack Frost.
I had to pack three suitcases to fit all my stuff in. When I got to the U.SA my friend the Tooth Fairy drove me to the hotel I was staying at. The Tooth Fairy told me that I had to help him do his job. Then I asked him where we were going? He said, “We are going to the WWE!” So the next day we went to Wrestlemania 24. The Tooth Fairy brought me a John Cena T-shirt, a DVD called ‘No Way out 2008’ and a huge wresting ring. I have to buy another suitcase now.
My favourite match was Triple H v John Cena v Randy Orton. John Cena won. When the match was finished John Cena took me into the backstage area. I met Hulk Hogan; he gave me a replica WWE Championship belt and 160 figurines. GREAT I have to buy ANOTHER suitcase!
It was a great holiday cut short because the elves went on strike so I had to fix up the Industrial Relations Contract. THE END. By Santa Claus.