Ode To A Small Mosquito-like Bug

Oh, one winter morn’ when I was shivering, I made soup
I cooked it up and began to drink, ‘sloup, sloup’
A mosquito-like bug decided to have soup too
It dived in and got stuck like glue.
I picked my nose, the itch couldn’t be contained
I then reached into the soup, but the fly remained
I put in my whole hand, with a great splash
Pulled out yon fly and gave it a bash
The innards and soup made a glorious shape
I framed it up on the wall with some tape
So today I stand here before the fine art
Reminiscing of how I played my part
I dedicate my work to that mosquito-like bug
‘twas all I could do to give it a hug
I mounted it up on the wall with such pride
Near the flea, half sausage and dead worm alongside.