Communication's Needed

3rd in the 'Calling All Poets 2007' competition

People are making the wrong decisions everyday.
Communications needed, yet we’ve run out of things to say.
This world is uncontrollable and changing incredibly fast.
When you make a decision, remember fame and fortune never last.
People tell you – do whatever it takes,
Homicide and betrayal, are you ready for these stakes?
Just take a step from your hectic life,
You’ll be unable to count worry and strife.
You know starvation and fear are all around,
And yet you’re not willing to make a single sound.
Just tell someone that you’re truly scared,
And fun and laughter needs to be shared.
Be a friend to someone who needs you,
Help someone else’s dreams come true.
These small gestures is what’s needed to become,
A nation where no one feels the need to run
Even though this world is sinking,
Because no one here is really thinking,
Come with me. Just take my hand,
And I’ll take you to a better land!


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