XoX….Just One Wish….XoX

We met one day back in year seven,
And now I think Im in heaven,
When Im around you my heart starts to shine,
And I thought in time you could be mine,
I loved the way you smiled,
And the way you did your hair,
When you looked at me I could only stare,
You were like no other boy I’ve met,
You were kind, loyal and sweet,
You’re the type of guy every girl would love to meet,
You would wipe them of there feet,
Not every girl sees you like I do,
I just wish you loved me to,
You are my life you are my dream,
You always make my heart beam,
I no ive hurt you in the past but if we get together I no it will last,
You’re the one who makes me smile,
Makes me laugh but some times makes me cry I cry because Im happy, I cry because Im sad but the main reason I cry is because I think of what we could have had,
We could have been together forever,
We could have been happy,
But I just chucked it all away,
But I still love you till this day,
And for all the days that come I will love you forever, I just hope that one day we will be more then friends again and you will love me for who I am, I love you like I love no other and I hope and I hope we become together forever
By Marijke Versluis


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