Early Mornings

The morning sun awakens with a spillage of a grin
Chilled feet jump out of bed, grasping for the uggies
Grab the keys, chuck the boards in the car. Quick the suns emerging!
Anticipation and the chilled out tunes fill our thoughts, navigating through the trees

Bodies hurl out of the car before the engines off
Excited to see the offerings
The grass is gleaming dew, mirroring the crystal waves
Mouths open wide, analysing the picturesque barrels. Out there!

Hesitantly stepping out of comforting clothes
And into a bodysuit of warmth
Zinc goes everywhere in the haphazard rush
Doors lock, flippers emerge, sprinting down the hill

Short boards, mals, boogs…whatever takes your fancy
Pushing bodies and guts to the limit, true colours come to shine
Five foot barrels, fins jumping by and familiar faces all around
Because that’s the way we like it