Desirable Temptation

Finalist in the 'Writers Wanted No. 2 - 2008 Empowered' competition

Through misery I am created, reality tears and pain,
Written roughly on a notebook, feelings put into a frame.
Published emotions become works of art,
Musical compositions originating from a broken heart.
Only with passion can masterpieces arrive,
Tear stained pages is what the public thrive.
Pain is a base of a beautiful creation,
Such a story to tell of desirable temptation.
Words are mixed together explaining a careless mistake,
Nothing is taboo, not appreciated if it's fake.
Real life disasters for the publics' eyes and ears,
Their torture, their confusion, their private life appears.
Every read' has a story, every song a reason why,
Every tasteful artpiece is a lesson that had come by.
Look into the background, read between the lines,
Theres always something more that what the pen and paper finds.


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