X Minutes

Summer I thought, rolling the words through my head. Last year I would have been ecstatic to hear those words, now they actually hurt my fevered brain like false promises of rain in a drought. My fifteenth was yesterday. December first 6:12am x amount of seconds. The only present I received was an empty green copper box with the word Renee crossed out in black marker on the top and replaced with twitch. That had been from the foreman, a fat woman named Lucifer. Vile woman most think. She had hated me from day one, I was a pretty one they jested.

The day they I was taken here I had been fourteen, two months, eight minutes, x amount of seconds and with clean hands. The sun was hot. They sent me here after a nervous break down. I don’t remember it, though I was told that I had gone crazed for no reason. All I could ask was exactly for how long. Four hours, ten to fifteen minutes, x amount of seconds.

My first days here had been different, every one thought I was a crack addict, how I hated that. Some one called me Renee the twitch and than twitch. That’s where I found I was OCD. 42 punches in 3 minutes x amount of seconds above 30. Impressive I think. I was locked in a steel box in the sun for that. Three days, eleven hours, x amount of seconds.

Our cells are small, to fit more in says the foreman. Vile woman says I. some times she comes in and beats me. This can last up to three hours thirty minutes and x amount of seconds. I don’t feel anymore.

We live in a facility in the middle of the desert. The buildings are spaced between one to two minutes walk apart. Give or take x amount of seconds. Every now and then some one makes a run for it just to come back half dead and punished severely for it.

Today I found that my box was flexible. I made a knife from it in eleven minutes and x amount of seconds. It’s sharp.

I am happy, for the doctors say I am returning to the sane. The foreman came in yesterday, she had large rings on. She didn’t get to speak for the words where stopped in her throat by a copper dam.

They say she passed on quickly and that I was acting in self defense. To finally rid her from my life, I will say it took 1 minute 22 seconds.


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