M.I.A- Missing In Action

On the night of July fifteenth, 2005, fourteen year old Jorja Warner was sitting in her room, listening to music, when her phone rang. Reading the screen, and not recognizing the number she answered,
“Hello?” reaching for her Ipod, she pressed ‘pause’.
“Is this Jorja Warner?” the voice asked. It was Detective Olivia Everett of the New York Police Department.
“Yes…” Jorja said. “Who is this?”
“I’m detective Everett. We are to believe that your mother has gone missing. She may have also been killed.” Olivia explained.
Jorja broke down. “No… she can’t be.” She sobbed.
“Some detectives are going to come get you. We believe you can help us find her.” Olivia explained, sliding her pistol onto her belt.
“Alright…” Jorja said simply. She hung up and sighed. All she could do now was wait…
Walking through the halls of the police department, Jorja was only partially listening to Olivia.
“Now, when was the last time you saw your mom?” Olivia’s partner, Verity Whitford asked, sitting her down.
“That was when she dropped me off at school. She told me to walk home because she usually finishes late on a Monday.” Jorja remembered, sitting in the interview room.
“Where does your mom work?” Olivia asked, folding her hands in a prayer state.
“She works at my school. She’s an art teacher.” Jorja said, gripping her phone in her hand.
“What’s that in your pocket?” Olivia asked.
“It’s just my phone.” Jorja said, pulling out her phone and sliding it across the table.
“Do you mind if we take it?” Verity asked.
“How is that going to help find her?” Jorja asked, losing her patience.
“If the last time you saw your mother was before school, and she’s been missing for eight hours, her odds could be getting worse.”