Fairies In The Garden

Fairies in the garden
By Isabella Gerardi.

Do you believe in Fairies? Because I do. In my backyard there is a tiny town of little people… little Fairies they are. They are hard to find because they blend in with my rose petals. Fairies are very different to humans. Each community has their own King and Queen.

So today I am going to tell you a story of a little girl named Pikea. This story takes place in New Zealand.

Pikeas parent’s names are John and Emily and she is an only child.

Most people in Pikeas School did not believe in Fairies so she didn’t either. Nor did she realize for all these years, her garden was full of them.

When Pikea arrived home from school one day she knocked on the door and yelled: “Mum I’m home!” But nobody answered. She tried again, still no one answered.

So Pikea dropped her school bag and tried the back door, but as she was stepping inside, she heard rustling in the front garden. “Who’s there?” Pikea said in a trembling voice. Then the rustling came again.

Quickly Pikea ran to the front garden and saw a little sparkle. Slowly she crept up to the shiny object and grabbed it! Pikea then looked at it. But it wasn’t a sparkle, it was a real fairy! “Please don’t eat me” the little fairy said in a very scared voice. It was silent for a moment. Then Pikea fainted. “Oh no. I killed her. What am I going to do? I know, I’ll take her to the Queen” the fairy said frantically.

So off she went to fetch the Queen’s guards to take Pikea to the Fairy Land, but before they could do that they had to sprinkle some fairy dust on Pikea in order to shrink her to their size. “Remember, once we sprinkle some fairy dust on this er…. Human called Pikea, she will know all of our secrets.” the little fairy tried to yell but her tinney, tiny voice wasn’t loud enough. She knew Pikea’s name because she heard Emily and John say it lot’s of times.

They sprinkled on the fairy dust and took Pikea to her majesty the Queen. By then Pikea had woken up, and saw that she was all tied up! “Wh-where am I? Who are you? How come I’m tied up!?” Pikea’s mind had filled with all of these questions but before she could say anything else, she was interrupted. “Number 1, you are in Fairyland. Number 2, I am Flowerpunch and please don’t take it to seriously. And number 3, you’re tied up because you’re a human, and we are fairies and we are scared of you.” explained Flowerpunch. “Yes but how come I’ve shrunk?” Pikea had calmed down a lot until………. “Oh, with my very special Fairy dust.” Said Flowerpunch with delight in her voice. She held up the bag of Fairy dust, and the minute Pikea saw it, she burst into tears. “Whatever is the matter?” Flowerpunch said. She was trying her hardest to cheer up Pikea but nothing would make her feel better. “The bag says Always will be shrunk!” Pikea said with a croak in her voice.

“Oh dear, come on! I have to take you to my Queen.” So they rushed all the way to meet her majesty the Queen.

Once they both got to the Queen’s castle, they ran inside quickly as the Queen didn’t like to be kept waiting.

The queen was elegant and beautiful, she waved her hair like an angel while putting on rose water. “Your majesty, I’m so sorry that I was late.” Flowerpunch was trying her hardest to get the Queen’s attention that she had someone with her. “No need to say sorry, I usually always have to wait for somebody everyday.” The Queen glared at Flowerpunch. Pikea was just about to say something to defend her friend until Flowerpunch covered her mouth. “I have brought someone here. Her name is Pikea and she fainted because she saw a fairy for the first time in her life.” Pikea watched while Flowerpunch tell the story.

“I see, well Pikea welcome to the land of Pollen!” Exclaimed the Queen while heading towards the doorway to discuss about Pikea with one of the guards. “Is that the name of your land? The land of Pollen?” Whispered Pikea. “Yes, I know it’s pretty ordinary.” Replied Flowerpunch. “Who chose the name of your land?” asked Pikea. “The Queen, silly. It doesn’t matter who found the land, the queen always names it” replied Flowerpunch.

That night Pikea went to sleep with Flowerpunch. Her bed was made out of a little gumnut shell with a violet petal as a blanket.

But back in the real world, Pikea’s parents were extremely worried, they had sent out for the Police and talked to Sergeant Lou. But the only piece of evidence from the scene of the crime was Pikea’s school bag. “Why would Pikea want to leave us? Was I a bad mother? Was I not giving her enough lollies? What did I do wrong?” Emily cried while picking up her tenth tissue. “That’s it!” John ran down to his lab. (This is really the shed.) Pikeas father John on the other hand was an inventor, and he invented some of the most extraordinary things.

An hour later John came out with something that he had just invented. “Here it is!” He said proudly. “Is it anything to do with getting our child back?” Emily asked. “Yes it is. I have named it “The hold you while you look in the garden for your kid.” “Oh wonderful!” shouted Emily while dropping the tissue box.

The next morning, Pikea woke up and saw the entire kingdom looking at her as well as the Queen. “Um why is everyone standing here and looking at me?” Asked Pikea. “Because we are trying to ask you what that monstrosity is.” Replied the queen. “Did you just notice that it was there?” Asked Pikea. “No, because we live on the other side of it, and the weeds are to tall to see over.” Replied the Queen rudely. “That is my house your majesty, so if you don’t mind please don’t answer me in such a bad tone!” Pikea shouted. “How dare you yell at me you rude child. I am Queen Nora and I will not tolerate that!” snapped the Queen. Everybody gasped with horror. “Why is everybody gasping?” asked Pikea. “People are gasping because, fairies aren’t really supposed to have human names. But my mother chose this name because she didn’t see the difference between a fairy and a human and I think she is right.” Said Queen Nora.

“But it’s not what I am talking about, Pikea, you have to go back home. Because if you don’t, your parents will explore our land, and they will start talking to us and soon we will have to reply. So if they see us we are doomed.” Whispered Queen Nora. “How are you doomed?” asked Pikea. “You see, Bush runners somehow have put an invisible, camera in our land so now they can see what you’re doing, where you’re going and so on. So if they spot us talking to a human, our land with be destroyed and even sometimes along with us.” Explained Queen Nora. “But why will they destroy you guys?” asked Pikea. “When I was about 24, the king of all Bush runners asked me for my hand in marriage. But I refused because he was ugly, violent and smells like a poppygon….” “What’s a poppygon?” interrupted Pikea. “Something that you don’t want to know about. Anyway, he tried to convince me but it didn’t work. So instead he made a rule (and you can’t really make the bushrunners change their minds.), it was “Fairies are never to speak to humans again until Queen Nora marries me.” Replied Queen Nora.

Suddenly, they heard yelling. As they turned around they saw an army charging towards them. Everybody looked towards the sound, and saw Bush runners. “Oh no. Captain Thorn fetch all of your men, get them ready to defend us!” Shouted Queen Nora. This sounded quite serious. “Um Flowerpunch? I’ve forgotten what Bush runners are. Are they really powerful?” asked Pikea. “Well yes, they have gotten more powerful because they have got……….” It was silent for a moment. “THORN – GUNS!!” Screamed Flowerpunch.

At that moment Flowerpunch ran straight for her house, Pikea ran behind her. Once they both got into the little leaf house, Flowerpunch opened a secret trapdoor and in it, was some pink shaped water guns. “Flowerpunch, what are these?” Pikea asked while holding one up. “Oh, those are bubble – guns. You have to press on the big, blue button and……… BAM! The Bush runners shrivel up like a spider.” Replied Flowerpunch. “One more question, what are Thorn – guns?” Asked Pikea again. “Well, they are a type of gun that shoots out poisonous thorns, which we don’t have. This is the only weapon we’ve got.” She said.

The moment they both got out of Flowerpunch’s house, they heard Queen Nora yell out loud: “STOP FIGHTING!!!!” We knew that she had a loud voice cause everyone heard it from a mile away. “I have just decided that this is not the way Pollen land should be acting. We should all be more kind and caring. But if you decide not to agree with us, we will find a different land to live in.” said Queen Nora with a tremble in her voice.

A moment later, all of the dead eaters dropped their weapons and made a path for their King. The king then removed his disguise and transformed into a handsome King. “Queen Nora, I am very sorry for all of the hassle that I have made. Nobody really knows that I have changed my name to King Joseph the 7th. If you forgive me I will offer you my hand in marriage and you can decide. Our people will then live in harmony and peace forever. I will also put growing dust on your friend to make her go home and this one works better than the shrinking dust.” Said King Joseph the 7th. About a second later the Queen threw her arms around the King. Then all of the dead eaters took of their disguise and changed into handsome warriors with sparkling armour and valiant steeds.

The next day King Joseph the 7th got married to Queen Nora. Pikea said her last fair well for she wanted to go back home and see her friends and family again. “I’ll miss you Pikea, come back soon okay?” asked Flowerpunch. “Alright, I will try my best.”

As she waved goodbye to her friends, King Joseph the 7th sprinkled the growing dust on Pikea.

She wondered if she would ever see “The Land of Pollen” again, but that remains to be seen maybe in the next book of “Fairies in the garden.”


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