Fairy Adventure - 'A Nice Ride'

Once upon a time there were three fairies, one yellow, one blue and one red.

The yellow fairy had stripy wings, the blue fairy had spots on her wings and the red fairy had wavy lines on her wings.

Each fairy loved being different in their own way!

The fairies lived in France and they wanted to go to Australia. The next day they got dressed and ate their breakfast and went outside and looked at the clouds. They were going to Australia.
So they got their wings ready to set off. They were so excited about going there.
In five seconds they were off and they were up flying high.
Yellow fairy said to Blue fairy “Which way are we going?” Blue fairy replied “South”.

Then the red fairy spoke to the blue fairy and BANG said “watch where you are going!”

The blue fairy fell into a cloud. The other fairies stopped to see what the noise was all about.

The blue fairy called, “help me!” but no one could hear.
So she tried to reach for a star but that was no use. She tried calling but that was no use too. She tried everything but nothing would work. She thought for a moment, “Why don’t I ask my friend Tom, the elf, to help me. I will call him on my mobile.” [Ring –ring, ring-ring]
“Hello” says blue fairy, “I need your help.”

“Sorry I can‘t hear you” said Tom. These two boys are being too noisy. They are being silly. “Quiet boys” yells Tom. “Now I can hear you. So what’s up?”

“Well”, said the blue fairy, “I’m stuck in a cloud and I need your help.” “Ok I will come right now, I’m in the car. I’ll bring my rope and my bed”, said Tom.

“Here I am, down here.” Tom called. “Can you see me?” “Yes I can”, said blue fairy. “You are on a leaf.” Blue fairy grabbed the rope and let herself fall on Tom’s bed.

After all that she said thank you to Tom for helping her out of the cloud and for taking her back to the fairies. For your help I will give you some flowers and for saving me I will give you some elf shoes so your brothers won’t make fun of you.

All the fairies made it to Australia and everyone lived happily ever after.


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