There once was a man called Jim.
Jim was very slim.
Jim had a friend called Tim.
Tim always looked a bit grim.
When Tim was grim, Jim was sad.
And when Jim was sad things became very, very bad.
After a while Jim was so mad he went to talk to grim Tim to see if he could get Tim to smile.
Tim had a smile, Jim said, “I am glad you’re not mad anymore.”
Jim and Tim where happy again, they felt no pain.
They went to the milk bar with ten dollars.
As they were walking along Tim tripped on his thong.
And the ten dollars went down the drain.
Tim was grim again and Jim was so sad and mad.
Tim became hazy and Jim went crazy.
So Tim never smiled again and Jim was sad, mad and crazy.

By Ryan Evans
Murrumbeena primary school
At 11 years of age


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