B.J Finds A New Friend

"Mum" shouted Alex. "Can we please have a picnic at that new place in Moonvalley?"
"Well..." answered mum.
"Can we? It's such a beautiful day" pleaded Alex.
"OK" replied mum, "but only if you get the picnic ready."
"Sure." So off they went to Moonvalley. They stopped at a park. "Looks like a good place for a picnic" commented Alex. After they unpacked lots of yummy food from their basket Alex went to play on the playground. "Can I go and explore out there?" yelled Alex whilst pointing at a forest.
"Alright" mum said "but only if you'll be careful out there."
"I will" sighed Alex. So off she went to explore the dark, green forest. After a while she found an opening in the rocks. It was a cave. Alex went inside. It was dark and eerie with bats on the roof. Alex heard a soft sobbing sound from the distance. She came across a sweet, lovable baby bear who was crying. "What's wrong?" asked Alex sitting down next to him.
"I have lost my mmuumm" the bear sobbed.
"Do you want to come and live with us?" asked Alex.
"Who's us?"
"Well there's my mum, my dad and me" explained Alex.
"Alright then" agreed the bear.
"What's your name?" asked Alex.
"OK, let's go and meet my mum." So B.J and Alex held hands and found their way out of the cave. "Mum" called Alex. "Can B.J stay with us?" Alex's mum was very surprised to see Alex carrying a baby bear.
"Why do you have a bear with you?" she asked.
"Because he has lost his mum and needs someone to take care of him."
"Alright" groaned mum.
"Thank you sooo much!!" Alex jumped up and down excitedly. Her mum packed up the lunch they had and they all went home.
At home Alex had an extra bed for B.J to sleep in. After a yummy tea of bread and honey B.J was tired, so they went to bed.
In the morning they played at the park. At lunch time they heard a knock at the door. Alex opened it and was surprised to see a big brown bear.
"Have you seen my baby bear B.J?" she asked. "I have been knocking on all the doors in Moonvalley." Alex looked upset. "What's the matter?" asked the mother bear.
"I've made friends with B.J and now he has to go" complained Alex.
"He doesn't have to go if you don't want him to, but I'll have to stay too."
"That would be terrific" smiled Alex. B.J ran to his mum and they had a big hug.
"I love you" said B.J.
They stayed with Alex and her family for a while and when the weather became cooler they said,
"Goodbye" and told Alex "We'll be back next year in spring time.”