Jack And The Bunny

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack
He went “Quack, Quack”
It was so funny
That along came a bunny
Reading a story about honey

The Bunny went Jump Jump
But tripped over a lump

then came down a cage
So he tried to turn the page
But the page was too heavy
And bunny was too hairy!

Here came Jack…”Quack Quack”

Bunny could not understand
So he gave him a rubber band

Jack did not know what to do with it
So he flicked it up
and hit a switch
And down came a wet witch!

She had a long nose
With wrinkly toes
And riding her hose
She said “Ah Dee Ohssss”

Jack and the Bunny were screaming their heads off
When they saw her ear!
There she had FLOFF!

Jack and the Bunny said
“What’s THAT?”

"It is just my ear plug...
but I know it looks like a slug!"

“A SLUG, IS A BUG” if you should know!

“Quack Quack” said Jack

And they all lived happily ever after!


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