Fairytales. Mystical creatures.
Fairytales. Never ending stories.
Fairytales. Another world.
Fairytales. A new beggining and ending every time.
Fairytales. Words that make it seem real.
Fairytales. Charaters that are real people.
Fairytales. Dreams and imaginations go wild.
Fairytales. Stories become reality.
Fairytales. People that never die.
Fairytales. Make you feel adventurous.
Fairytales. Exiting and imagintive.
Fairytales. Wicked and Romantic.
Fairytales. Courages and brave.
Fairytales. Royal and Evil.
Fairytales. Rich and Poor.
Fairytales. Cunning and clever.
Fairytales. Funny and creative.
Fairytales will be favourites forever.
By Tiahn Dugdale


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