Nacho Man And The Cheesy Moon

Nacho Man And The Cheesy Moon

One hundred years ago there lived a scientist called Dr Frankenstein. Dr Frankenstein had an invention. His invention was to make a Nacho come to life. So, he went to his wardrobe and took out his Really, Extremely, Truly, Big Nacho Come to Life Machine out. Then he zapped the Nacho.

One day a one year old Baby Nacho waited, and waited until he felt like his chip packet home was shaking. He knew what that meant. He could start to be a superhero.

One night he had a dream that he would be free one day. Then he would have to go to Shanghai and get trained to be a superhero! So, when the chip packet opened he jumped out. Then he ran out of the shop while a Nacho Woman was walking in. Baby Nacho heard a Nacho Man asking a taxi-driver to drive him to “Shanghai Superhero Mania”. So Baby Nacho ran to the taxi and jumped on the tyre! Now, Baby Nacho had great running skills, so he started to run, fast! He ran on the spinning tyre for an hour.

Finally the taxi stopped. Then Baby Nacho jumped off the tyre and ran into the building. Quickly he tried to find the lift. He walked down every aisle until on his left side he found it. When a Nacho Man punched the button of the lift, Baby Nacho went in as well. Then Nacho Man pushed level six and the lift started to move. Baby Nacho was really scared of heights.

By the time they were up the top Baby Nacho was petrified. The door opened then he raced out of the lift. He ran to Master Shifoo’s room. When the door opened Master Shifoo was ready to start. Baby Nacho had to wear a karate suit. They trained for weeks until Baby Nacho was ready to fight. Baby Nacho was now Nacho Man!

A few years after he had been trained his master called him saying that an alien in outer space was allergic to cheese and the moon was made out of cheese so he shot it with his laser gun. “We need you to go and collect pieces from the moon and glue it together again.” So Nacho man packed his bags. Then he ran to his spaceship. He took off into outer space. By the time he was in outer space he saw that space was polluted with cheese. So Nacho Man tried to find the turbo booster in the spaceship but he only found it when he pushed the windscreen wipers. Just then the spaceship was zooming and collecting every single piece of cheese in outer space.

After 5 hours he had finished his job, except the gluing bit, so, he found super glue under the seat and started to glue the moon back together.

As for the alien, when he saw Nacho Man he fled and was never to be seen again.

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