I look skywards;

Although I see nothing that proposes to me the existence of the supernatural, the variance in colours from the sun’s rise to its fall, seems evidence enough to suggest the alternative.

I look seawards;

Although I feel nothing that betrays a presence other than that upon which has been bestowed the title of ‘nature’, the friendly evening breeze, whose gentle fingers caress my cheeks, whispers to me secrets of what is beyond a soul’s horizon.

I look outwards;

Although I see nothing that represents an omnipotent being, the smiling innocence of a new life before me suggests the result of a miracle.

I look inwards;

Although I see imperfection, the burning desire to make a change hints of a work in progress.

I reflect on my ability to think, to laugh and to love.

I reflect on my desire to learn, to help and to be loved.

For such things to be answerable to a compilation of random events seems the ultimate fiction.

- - - - - -

I look into your eyes;

Although I see pain and longing, I also see patience, love and an unchangeable faith.

So I ask myself… could there be more?

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