Chapter 1

Legend tells there was a battle between the two worlds Pireathon and the Dark Legion. The Dark Legion had lost and many people had been killed or wounded and some had been taken to prison but the chieftain of the legion got one man in the Pireathon army and had possessed him and he had been known as Darkface. No one knew the rest of the tale but a young hero discovered it and this is how the story goes. “Succhenthus get up or you will be late for your work”. “Hmm, oh alright but I am not really into cart washing dad”. Succhenthus and his dad Incermatix ran a cart washing factory in the city of Agthus and they had a great time working together and then the day happened. When Succhenthus was washing a cart he found a bottle of blue liquid and on the bottle it said “If you drink this, effects are permanent”. Succhenthus wanted the bottle so he paid the owner 100 gold coins. Succhenthus opened the bottle and drank the liquid. He immediately felt a tingling sensation come over him and he thought that it was just a normal drink until it happened. Three days later he saw a devils hand on his right hand and when he was walking along he saw a sword as big as himself and decided to use it, after he learned sword skills from his father. When he got home he found a book and it said you will be the only one to unravel the Darkface legend for the Pireathon army and be destined to save the day. Once he read it he looked for his father and he found a note, it said Succhenthus, Darkface has captured me and I could not escape him take the book you found and search for Darkface.

Chapter 2
Succhenthus left his house and took the book he found with him and headed to the deep dark forest where he met some monsters. He took out his sword and sliced some of the monsters and when he came near a huge monster the devils hand acted of its own accord. He lifted up the monster and threw him to the ground. Once he left the forest he stumbled on a dangerous path to get to No Mans Land and battle the evil Dark face.

Chapter 3
He reached the castle of Darkface and set off to search for his dad when he stumbled upon Darkface “Well, well what have we here are you trying to uncover the rest of the tale I don’t think so” and then Darkface shot magic at him and Succhenthus used the devils hand and kept on slicing and throwing until Darkface was unmasked. “Thanks my name is San and you have uncovered the rest of the tale. The army will be pleased to have me back here. Take this and you can also have your dad back” and with that San had gone.