A Boasterful Boaster

A person who is a boaster is someone who is lacking in modesty. He would be thought of as selfish, unkind or even ungrateful. There are three different types of boasters; wicked, sly and informative.

A wicked boaster is a person who boasts in order to upset people. For exmaple, if he had full marks on a test, he would yell out at the top of his voice "I got a 100%!"
In other words "I'm the best!"
Or by chance, he might be walking towards a homeless person, while selfshly counting money in his wallet.

But a sly boaster is much different. He boasts to make himself 'feel good' but cunningly trys to make his boasting technique seem unobvious. If he was to paint a picture and could surely see that it was so wonderful, he would shout to the person next to him, "My painting is so bad! If only I could paint like you!"
Then the other person would say "Oh no! How could I possibly paint better than you! Look everyone!" All the other classmates would peer into his work and say, "This is so wonderful, teach me!" By saying this, you are actually encoaraging the boaster and making him 'feel good'.

On the other hand, an informative boaster tries to inform others about what they specialise in or have. He would say to one of his mates, "Wanna come over to my place? It's really big; it has lots of games and it's worth $500,000!" or "Want help wth himework? I'm really good at Maths, especially algebra, fractions, decimals, long devision and problem solving. I know what you're thinking, I'm a genius!"

I recommend to all the people reading this, DO NOT BE A BOASTER, because you'll just end up having no friends and realising you're selfish. Trust me, 'cause i've been a boaster before!!!


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