Maccas To Rock 'N' Roll.

After getting her promotion at work she had been getting up at 5:30 am and getting home at 5 pm. She studied for 45 minutes before practising drums for 20 minutes. A lot of responsibility for a 20 year old but she was wishing for a change, she didn’t want to work at Mc Donald’s forever.
After her shower she sat on the lounge having a relax and reading her Horoscope; it said: things are about to change for the better. Make sure you wake with a smile on your face on the 16th of April.
She went to bed thinking nothing good would ever happen to her. She woke up at 5:30 am, had her breakfast, got dressed and left for work when she got there she signed in:
Name: Marli Taylor
Date: 16/4/1995
Time: 5:45 am.
Position: manager.
Being the manager of Mc Donald’s was not fun at all; she was always tied and had no time to practise with her band anymore. Marli couldn’t wait until her exam so she could hopefully leave Maccas and be a pre-school teacher.
At 7:30 when the deliveryman came he gave her all the fresh stock and then handed her a poster and he told her to hang it up where everyone could see it. When she unrolled it and read it she felt a feeling she could never explain. She suddenly knew she had to make an audition tape. The poster was looking for a new young band to preform at an MTV event and to win you had to make an audition tape and send it to the produces of MTV.
That afternoon after work she met up with her band and they made up a new song and practised it for hours until they got it perfect and then tapped it.
That Friday she sent off the tape and was hoping they would win. On Monday when she got home from work her mum told her she had some mail on her bed, she raced to her room and opened the envelope. She couldn’t believe it her band had been chosen to play at the MTV awards.
A few weeks after the awards Marli got a call from Kelly Greg, she wanted to be the manager of their band.
Many years passed and Marli and her band had been touring for twenty-four months. They had won an Aria and became very famous.
Whenever one of her songs came on the radio the staff members of Mc Donald’s would dance along to the drumbeat and remember when Marli was their manager.