Sacred Hallway

One day, a boy named Issac was watching TV. There was nothing good on TV so he yawned. Issac had short blond hair, dark blue eyes and was light skinned. It was a Saturday and Issac was bored. He lived in Cairo in Egypt. His mum told him to clean his room to pass the time. So he did what his mother told him to do. He walked into his room and started to clean. He cleaned his desk, wardrobe, under his bed and in his cupboard so his room looked spotless. But when he was cleaning his cupboard, he found an old, dusty, door. Issac was wondering what it was. But he didn’t know.
What could this door be for? Maybe it’s an old toilet room, or a smaller cupboard. So Issac opened the door and saw a smaller room. It was too dark to see into. So Issac walked into the kitchen and got a torch to see into the smaller room. Issac walked into his bedroom, stood the door up and walked into the smaller room. When Issac walked into the smaller room the door shut and locked behind him!
“No!!!” Issac screamed in horror. “I’m trapped! What am I going to do?” Issac looked the other way and saw an old hallway. Issac walked through the old hallway. Issac stopped. Straight in front of him was treasure, gold beautiful treasure! “Uh ha, ho,” Issac murmured.
“Wake up and get dressed for school Issac,” mum said. Straight away Issac woke up and found himself in his bedroom. It was only a dream.
“Awwwww…. SCHOOL!” Issac murmured.


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