Back Home With A New Telifunken

I am punching my pillow in frustration. It’s the first day of the holidays and like any other boy I should be celebrating, but instead I’m stuck inside. But what is even worse is that I’m talking to myself. Mums just walked past my room and thought I was talking to someone like an imaginary friend.
Anyway, tomorrow I will be meeting my new teacher, Mr. Brain. I can tell you that he is the most annoying teacher on the entire planet or even in the Universe. I know this because my friend Sally told me, she had him last year.
On the other hand I could just try and sneak out of it anyway. So I started to make a plan. I will pretend that I’m sick. Then when Mum goes I will be all alone. But a terrible thought came into my mind. What about Greg, my step Dad? He will still be here. I had a thought. I can say Mum said that I can go to Max’s house. He should buy that for sure.
So the next day I tried my plan out and it worked. I didn’t go to Max’s house I went to the boat shed instead and hired a boat.
After three hours I was out at sea happily sailing with a supply of chips and a few chocolate bars which were melting in my pocket. I swirled my bubblegum around and around my mouth until there was no flavour left. Slowly I dozed off to sleep.
‘‘Wake up, Wake up!’’ snapped something out of nowhere. Suddenly I woke up and asked where it came from. I realised a robotic crab was snapping at my toes. “I’m a Telifunken in disguise of a crab!” the crab replied. “A Telifunken?” I wondered. “Yes” and it jumped off the side of the boat. I looked around and saw the shore ahead so I paddled as fast as I could and reached the shore in no time. It was amazing, it was like an all you can eat buffet! I was dancing around and clicking my heels. In the mean time Mum was bored out of her brain as Mr Brain was still going on about his old school days. But I was having a breathtaking experience. I have to get home. But I was so tempted by the smell of food. I have to stay for just a bit longer. Yet again it is only 30 minutes until Mum comes home. I grabbed as much food as I could and hopped back in the boat. Soon I was half way home and there was still 10 minutes left. Luckily we live next to the boat shed! I saw something orange coming to the surface. It was the Telifunken, it wanted to live with me so I took it home with me and Mum never knew I had it.
Every night it came to the sea and had dinner with the rest of its family.