The love she had for him was strong
An ocean deep and vast
Their hearts were filled with endless joy
Held together fast

But she would remember always
The way she used to be
Riding, stealing, looting, shooting
A bushranger was she

When he had met her it had seemed
Never could she go back
The love they held was just too tight
To return to the pack

Her two glistening pools of bright blue
And cheekbones mounted high
Full and rosy, blood-red lips
Fair locks like sheets of rye

His smooth and flawless handsome face
Coal black, curly tresses
Together in fine gowns and wigs
Cream and scarlet dresses

He lived a life of luxury
Which then she soon began
She put away her memories
Like folding a fine fan

But in this life she suffered still
To be like he was now
To give up all she had started
So how did she, o how?

‘Tis called something you all should know
For a love eternally
If anyone is to survive
Sacrifice is the key

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