It's not my fault. I feel like an idiot. I mean, I am walking down Jacob's Street (where all the popular kids live) in the most dorkiest clothes of all dorky clothes. I'm wearing my pants up way too far, my shirt is tucked in, and my hair is parted. Worst of all I'm wearing these giant glasses (the size of elephant ears).

It all started on Friday afternoon when Hayley Brooker handed out her birthday invitations. She handed them out from most popular to least popular and that meant that I was first. The invitations were amazingly decorated. The boys' invitation was black, red and blue with an explosion and the words 'coolest party ever'. The girls' invitation had the colours pink, purple and white with lots of silly little stickers. Anyway back to the story.

On Saturday afternoon I walked down to Hayley Brookers' not so big house. The first thing we did was go for a swim. Hayley then decided to see what she received for her birthday. Brittany, her best friend, gave her an Ipod. Alana, her slightly fatter than everyone else friend, gave Hayley some scrumptious chocolates. I ended up eating these later.

It was my turn next.Before the party I had gone down the street to buy something. There was a sale on at BAGS 'N' WALLETS. With the money I had earned from odd jobs I bought her a nice handbag and purse. She loved them.

Hayley then decided it was cake time. All the boys plus Alana cheered. The cake was marvellous. It was a sponge cake smothered in hot fudge icing with broken chocolate pieces on top. Everybody was allowed two pieces to leave room for dinner.

All the children who were not staying the night had to go tell Hayley's mum Kelly what time they were leaving. While that was happening the rest of us decided to play Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Kiss, Command or Torture. Brittany went first. She asked Andy who asked Hayley. Hayley asked me, not in her normal voice but in more of a sweet devilish voice. I answered apprehensively 'dare'...

The dare was that I should walk down Jacobs Street. That sounded easy. I jumped up but then she said 'wearing really dorky clothes'. My heart started to pound but I knew I couldn't refuse or else I would be 'chicken for life'. I guess that Hayley really meant dorky because she went into her walk-in-wardrobe and returned with some clothes that were so scary I nearly died. Once dressed I was told I looked like a mentally retarded goat with a propeller hat. To make things worse every child had brought a camera to the party!

Going to school after the party was a bit strange but I was popular and the looks didn't affect me too much. If I hadn't been popular it would have been a NIGHTMARE!


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