The wind blows in the branches, the long, long branches, they dance in the moonlight. Their shadows take eerie formations on the forest floor. Their long jagged fingers grab me by my hair. I don’t feel welcome here so I creep away cautiously.

Out of the trees, the thick forest trees, I come to a lake.
The moon’s reflection has lit up the glistening water.
Its beauty is hypnotizing but I can’t stay, it is starting to rain.

I desperately look around for a sign, a hint, anything.
The rain is getting heavy now it pounds me on my back
Frantically I dart back into the trees. I am scared because now the thunder is cracking.

In the cave the small dark cave, I forget my fears. The lightning does not haunt me. Not even the trees which sway to and fro, with their shadows threatening me. The bats take refuge with me, but I am not worried. They were just as scared as I was.

In the cave, the warm, welcoming cave; I am safe.

Written by Yanery Ventura
Age: 12 years
Grade Level: Grade 7
School: Holy Spirit School, Bray Park