Daddy Don't Go

My pillow isn’t blocking the sound,
It seems that nothing will,
The screaming and the shouting,
Do they care how I feel?
I hear footsteps coming,
My daddy opens the door,
“I have something to tell you son...”
“I'm not going to see you anymore.”
I try to understand what he means,
It seems so far from clear,
But he lives with us you see,
He is always here?
“Mommy said that I am bad...”
“And to leave you alone...”
“So I am very sorry son...”
“But now I must go...”
I wished that I had been older,
I could have made him stop,
Or talked him into staying,
Or maybe I could have not...
My eyes started watering,
As he turned and walked away,
I thought maybe he is joking,
He’ll be back another day?
But two weeks had gone by,
No sign of my daddy you see,
So I decided to ask mommy,
“Where could daddy be?”
“Adam what have I told you...”
“You were not good enough.”
“Daddy doesn’t love you...”
“He’s simply had enough...”
Mommy dearest told me,
How horrible he was,
Made him into the monster,
Which I believed he was.
But slowly I grew smarter,
Learning day by day,
That daddy dearest loved me,
No matter what she’d say.
One day I was fed up,
With her lies she’d feed me,
So I simply yelled in her face,
Woman let it be!
From that day on I felt much more,
Then a boy trampled on,
I felt that maybe, finally,
The good in me had won.
I later on contacted,
The father that was mine,
Asked if he’d like to go out for dinner,
Have a glass of wine?
He gratefully accepted,
To dinner we did go,
What it is he looked like,
I did not know.
We sat at the table,
Awkward but in delight,
Eating and talking,
We stayed there all night.
I realised something different,
He was not what he seemed,
This white light inside him,
Oh how it beamed!
Mother dearest I love you,
But this you must know,
Sometimes lying to your son,
Is not the way to go...

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