Eagle Boy And The Galaxy Mountains

There was a dark forest that was nearly 100 years old. It was full of monsters and birds. The oak trees always moved in the night because it was really windy in the forest. There was a little shack in the forest that belonged to two eagles who were the mother and father of a baby eagle called Eagle Boy. They were a very nice family.
One scary night when Eagle Boy was a baby his parents were killed by 10 vampires and now he lives alone. He was very brave. The birds and creatures of the forest watched over him until he was old enough to look after himself.
One night Eagle Boy was cooking dinner inside his shack. He was cooking wasabi, snail and hermit crabs. Suddenly there was an explosion outside far away. Lots of creatures were screaming. So Eagle Boy went out and saw fire far away. He took more steps closer until he found the Galaxy Mountain on fire. Then Eagle boy yelled to the creatures, “EVERYONE! The Galaxy Mountains are burning. The more they burn, the more towns will expire. So we must protect our mountains by flying to the mountains with cold water and tip the water onto the mountains.” So they got to work. Everyone filled up their buckets one by one. They flew in hot air balloons. Finally they crowded over the mountains and prepared to throw water at them. Millions of creatures in hot air balloons began to drop water over the fire. There were more flames on the mountains and more homes were expiring. “COME ON! COME ON!” he yelled. Soon the mountains were shooting bullets at the creatures. Then Eagles Boy’s hot air balloon got shot and it fell down really fast. It hit the ground with a big BOOM!
Eagle Boy was lying on the ground really badly injured. When he stood up he saw the Galaxy Mountains back to normal and the homes were being rebuilt. When he went for his early morning walk he saw everyone enjoying themselves and having happy faces. Then all the creatures gathered towards him and kneeled down and said, “Behold, Behold the master of all creatures.” Soon he went back home to get some rest and have a nap. He put a sling over his arm. And soon he was better than ever.



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