Looking through a window small
Trying to forget
The darkness in your name
Something I’ll hope you regret

Leaving home so very young
You left us feeling sad
Thinking you’ll come home to us
Your sister, mum and dad

At the sight of you sailing away
Hoping you’ll be ok
Was hard but painful too
In every single way

Home alone for many years
Things went by so fast
Looking at the photograph
You gave us in the past

Fighting for Australia
Was pretty brave I guess
The thought of losing my only son
The family’s now a mess

Waiting at the harbour
This day has come so slow
Bowing my head in shame
Getting ready to go

Suddenly I hear a noise
Coming from the dock
The ships arriving
At 12 o’clock

Watching the diggers
One by one
In the middle of the crowd
There you are my one and only son