Baby Panda At The Beijing Olympics

one day there was a baby panda named benny.Benny lived in beijing.
"what is all that noise" wondered benny."maybe in will go and have a look" so benny scampered over to the olympic stadium where he saw a sight that he could not belive

He saw millions of people all sitting down.
"Wow" said benny anazed "this is amazing." benny tiptoed up to a empty seat and met a little boy
"Hello" said the little boy,benny waved.
"Im so bored,i am going to find something to do!" Benny ran out to the open space of something hard and there he saw Libby Tricket about to dive into the pool for her race.So benny decided to follow.After libby jumped in the pool,benny got on the diving board and bounced a couple of times,look at the water,and bouced again and then he jumped into the water.Benny loved the feel of the water because he had felt it before but he hated the taste, but benny kept swimmintg after Libby Tricket. But at that very moment the swimmers turned around and where heading towards benny.Benny ducked under the water holding his breath and then rised again, he was ok the swimmers had passed.Benny jumped out of the pool and raced ova to Libby Tricket and asked her for her towl.Libby said 'of course' and gave benny the towl.Benny whent on to see what else he could find.he ventured forwared and soon was looking at a millon different bicycles speed up a big hill.Benny chased them to see where they were heading but he soon lost them
"oh well" said benny "i can always go and see the soccer players."So that was what he did.Benny sat on the side of the soccer feild and watched.
"I wish i could play that game"whispered benny,and to his disbelif one of the soccer players asked him if he could kick the play to them.So Benny took a big breath in a kick the ball as hard and as high as he could-what a wonderful sight,the white and black ball whirling around and the sun a bright yellow colour and the trees look so small compared to the ball-finally the ball came spinning down and landed in the soccer payers arms
"good kick,little dude"said the soccer player.Then Benny turned towards home.When he got home Benny's mother had dinner ready.After dinner Benny went to bed
"What a big day!" He thought to himself,and then he fell asleap.