Daily life

In visioning our goals so intent, wide eyes gleam at the perfect thought.
Prosperous times through which we will prevail and become stronger together.
But beneficial to what? Ourselves? The whole? What benefactors do we serve?
How do we succumb to the cycle of hysterics and mayhem,
yet live with such ignorance and misunderstanding as to what is real.
A warped reality with re-defined meanings of right and wrong.
Hatred pumping through my veins gripping my heart and essence,
yet on the surface appears a placid, happy, still image,
shielding the inner hatred from the surrounding bliss and contentment.
Letting the world live in its ways of deceit and lies.
Never speaking but always listening, learning, growing. My inner sanctions.
Had it with day to day life. Wishing it would stop. Now.