A Cause Worthy Fighting For

A lonely planet, a placid race;
The world a very brutal place.
A home of hardship, a world of war;
A bitter humanity, one can’t ignore.

Material possessions, personal gain;
Dislike, humiliation and pure disdain.
Titles, names and bloody shame;
To whom shall we inflict the blame?

‘Mercy’ such a foreign term;
The tenacious grip of tyranny: firm.
Beggars, soldiers, ceaseless lives;
A home where pure revulsion strives.

Of aidless disasters, of bombs and tears;
Of distress, of casualties of perpetual fears.
One’s religion, the skin shade of thee;
Controversial factors in the eyes of humanity.

Soaked in barbarity, bound to guilt;
Old memories, lives and innocent blood split.
Of mixed rights and regulations, boundaries and laws;
Of ceaseless battles fought without cause.

“Our neighbours, too distant; to take up our time;
Those poor countries that they talk about; not worthy of a dime.
Why worry about the Middle East, Asia or France?
Detest those scummy foreigners, whenever one has the chance.”

We must look past the eyes, the skin, the hair;
Roam deeper; discover; what is really there.
They may look different in appearance or possess an odd name;
But our bond is so much stronger as it pumps through our veins.

United as one, comrades, we must stand;
With willingness to fight the battle at hand.
Manning our battalions, armed with a common goal;
Aided by perseverance, together as a whole.

Gallantly we will fight, with our guns and machinery, our violence and artillery.
Our guns are our voices. Our machinery: our hands.
Our violence: our opinions. Our artillery: our demands.
Together we are unbeatable, together we are strong,

Together, our world can be a place where everyone belongs.