Sailing Insects

Moral:Bugs might be small but they do have a big and creative imagination.

Once upon a time in a place called Italy, there was a bee. A harmless little bee. This bee was called Titi.
One day Titi got really bored. So he sat down and thought, and thought, and thought until... DING! He had an idea. Titi’s idea was to become an explorer. Like Christopher Columbus. But of course to become an explorer Titi had to build a ship. So he got to work!
Titi worked and worked until he was exhausted but he never stopped until he was finished. Finally Titi had done it. He finished the ship. Titi was ready to find land.
The next day Titi gathered some friends and set off to find land.
Titi sailed scorching weather or stormy nights but he did it with pride and not gloominess.
Finally the ship stopped. Titi and his friends got off the ship and were amazed about what they saw. They saw land, and not just any land, but an island. “Wow. I think we really found land.” Exclaimed Titi. “Yeah what do ya wanna call it Titi?” asked one of Titi’s tatty looking friends. “I think that Titiland suits it best.” Replied Titi.
Now every bug knows that bugs might be small but have courage in their hearts.

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