Neurotic Nightmares

The soft, gentle breeze swept the leaves off the maple tree past my face. Oranges, yellows and reds swirled across the soft, green grass. The blue sky was bluer than ever, I closed my eyes as the sun appeared from behind a cloud; it was so bright that I ended up dozing off in the calm, country air. My dreams were smooth, so if somebody ran a comb through me, they'd find no knots. I woke from a passing bee. The black was so dark, it was like a Goth's house. My eyes shut again, as I fell back to sleep. This time my dreams were very rough. Many strange noises sounded in my dreams, scary noises. The picture in my head turned black as a noise played like the lowest note on a cello. A two second pictured flashed of our farm. There were big black clouds, and tree branches on the ground. I tossed and turned until something woke me.

I sat up; a sudden streak of light beamed, and thunder roared like a grumpy old man. I looked at the sky; big black clouds rumbled over Reeman Farm. The gum trees that lined the old barb-wire fence blew from side to side recklessly making a whistling noise. Thunder shook the land for the second time and fork-lightning struck over the green hills.

This felt just like my dream; was it a sign?

As I made it inside, the roof rumbled and the floor shook. I peeked out the window; branches were flying everywhere; North, South, East and West. Whirly winds from the dusty road formed quickly, but died as the rain started to pelt down. I was scared; I was home-alone!

As the rain pelted down like 1000 marbles hitting the roof at once, I hurried to all the winodws to shut them. As I got to the bathroom window, the lighting struck again for the 10th time. I couldn't close this window, it was stuck. I pulled with all my might. The window wouldn't budge. My hair blew in my face as a strong gust of wind blew, it felt like a hurricane had just hit the farm. As the window finally closed, I ran to the lounge. Maybe if I went back to sleep, the storm would pass. I closed my eyes, eventually falling to sleep; my dreams weren't rough or smooth, because I didn't have any!!!

I sat up as I woke. I moved my eyes side to side, listening for wind. I heard a whistle, was it the wind? I moved myself outside. The sun was shining, and the birds were whistling. There was no evidence of a storm.”Phew” I thought. I lay back down on the grass, hoping I didn't fall to sleep, but guess what, I did! I dreamt of a stampede, with wild animals charging at me, at 60 kilometers an hour!!! This was horrible and terribly bad, in fact; it was disastrous!!!!