May My Eyes Be Filled With Sunlight

May My Eyes Be Filled With Sunlight
May my eyes be filled with sunlight, as the sun soothingly beams down upon me,
May the lizards tenderly snoring, have the sun to warm their hearts.
May the zephyr lift my hair on ends and let it dance on until dusk,
May the clouds tumble over the sun, as they drift through endless clear blue ocean,
May the awakening flowers sing as the calm sun peeps through the stirring morning,
May all the white-washed houses beam back with a cheery smile,
May the sunlight reach those who tire from the o’er night harvesting,
May the freshly stripped field with no heads to bear, shine a defiant happy ray to fill every smile.
May those who do not know the sun,
or it’s mates,
know the true beauty of the morning, the mosaic of dusk, the playfulness of the wind, the refreshment of the rain and even the friendliness of the moon who remains enclosed in dark, but accompanied by the twinkling stars.

May their eyes be filled with sunlight.