Daddy Poem

Daddy poem

My daddy went to London,
Aboard a shiny ship,
He said goodbye and hugged me tight,
Then started on his trip,

I turned to see mummy sad,
The reason I had no clue,
But mummy sad made me sad,
I didn’t no what to do,

Months had passed,
Daddy didn’t come back,
I asked mummy why,
She’d given him the sack,

Sacked from the family,
Sacked from the home,
Sacked from me,
Daddy was all alone,

A letter came from daddy one day,
Telling how he was ill,
I showed it to mummy with shaking hands,
She cried upon the window sill,

Our ship left the dock,
The sun in the sky,
But the thought of daddy,
Made me want to cry,
Waiting to see daddy,
Felt like forever,
But seeing daddy alive again,
We would never,

Daddy was gone,
Just me and mummy now,
Mummy said we could survive,
But I couldn’t see how,

A poem by Beth Ford

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