Hailey's Horror Hliday

Hailey was a 12 year old girl. she lived in a small town where everybody worked on a farm. she hated living on a farm. but most of all she hated her daily jobs, besides she was only 12 and already had a job working for her parents, while going to school. she loved school it was the one time she didn't have to put up with her annoying little sister who always cried, her annoying little brother who always made her want to cry and her older brother who never talked to her and if he did he would be getting angry at her for annoying him. one day at school everybody in year seven got a note about going to Bali for a field trip.
she was so excited she didn't read anything except the first sentence on the note and then ran home to tell her parents.her parents read the note then she heard her dad shout 'WHAT' $1500. she ran to see her dad. her dad said that she was definately not going. "why" Hailey asked. because it is a lot of money and we dont have enough money. later that night she heard her mum and dad talking. "how could anybody at that school be able to afford it, all their parents work on a farm and we don't get much money for it" said her dad, " yes, well i guess maybe we should try to save up" replied her mother. "how are we going to do that!" shouted her dad. then their was silence and the lights went out. Hailey went to sleep. in the morning a breakfast Hailey asked her mum if maybe she could work for the money to pay for it. " well i will ask your dad but it may be a bit hard to convince him" replied her mother. Hailey asked her dad and her dad said yes but she would have to do extra jobs as well to earn the money. the trip was 2 weeks away. every morning hailey had to wake up at 4:00am and then she would have to run home and start her jobs straight away to finish her jobs. by the end of week one the money was due. she ended up making enough money to go. the day come to go to bali. she had packed her stuff and had it reafy in the car her dad drove her to the airport. she got on the plane with some of her classmates and her teacher and a few parents who volunteered to come. after they had taken off and were in the air the oxygen masks fell from the roof. her heart stopped. on the speaker phone a voice came on saying passengers need to get into position for crash landing immediately.the plane started to shake, she looked out the window and saw that the plane was going over water, by then she had almost had a heart attack. the voice came back and said please pull out the life jackets which are placed under your seat and prepare for crash landing. hailey was so scared, babies were crying, parents were worried and the teacher was nearly having a heart attack. she sat back in her seat and breathed in and out. the plane started going down she looked down the plane was still going over water. about 15 minutes later there was a huge splash and the plane went under water people were all rushing to the nearest exit. hailey made it out of the plane there was so many people swimming for their lives, her teacher was calling her class and everone in the class went to her they all waited to be rescued. it was very devastating when Hailey got up in the rescue helicopter because all she could see was scared people swimming for their lives and the rest were dead. the story was all over the news. back at home her dad put the news on her mum and dad sat down to watch then they saw the top story was about the flight that hailey was on had crashed and had sunk in the ocean. her mother started to cry . her dad grabbed his car keys and drove to the airport. when he got to the airport the news people were all there, he asked them were the passengers were and they said they were at the local hospital. he ran out of the airport and drove to the hospital. when he got to there he asked the lady at the counter for Hailey. the lady told him where she was. he went to a room in the hospital and found her she jumped up and gave him the biggest hug ever. the doctor came in and gave him some medicine for Hailey because she was in a lot of shock. they went home and her mother was still in so much shock and was crying, she ran outside when she heard the car. Hailey jumped out of the car and gave her a huge hug. then they all went inside and had a nice family dinner.



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